Views of various house styles around the Northern Territory


Housing varies greatly depending on the region of the Northern Territory. In the tropical Top End, elevated houses with louvered windows and ceiling fans are the traditional housing style, enabling airflow and breezes relieving residents from the tropical weather. Also typical are large outdoor living areas with verandahs and decking and the essential swimming pool in most backyards. Katherine also has elevated housing. Tropical gardens and dense rich foliage reflect the tropical climate and nature is abundant in the cities and towns.

The further south you travel, it is noticeable that the housing changes to more traditional Australian style homes such as in Alice Springs, brick, on ground with wide verandahs to shade homes in the diverse climate throughout the year.

House and unit prices vary greatly across the Northern Territory. For more information about housing costs go to the Real Estate Institute of the Northern Territory website where more than thirty member agencies are listed.

Cost of living

The comparatively small population in the Northern Territory and vast freight distances do mean higher prices for many grocery lines and produce in some instances. However, these are balanced by shorter distances and less travelling time to and from work and social activities. Depending on where you live in the Northern Territory local markets may offer locally grown produce as an alternative to the traditional supermarket shopping.