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Living and working in Australia's Northern Territory


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Coming to the Northern Territory from overseas?

If you are coming to the Northern Territory from overseas, for work or to visit, this section of our website provides you a range of resources to assist with planning your move, offers you a taste of what the Northern Territory has to offer and quick links to help you find job opportunities and relevant migration options for eligible people.

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Northern Territory maps


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Pathways through Business & Skilled Migration

If you're considering moving to the Northern Territory, there are a range of visa options for people looking for work or those wanting to start a business.

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Looking for jobs

View our quick list of websites highlighting local job advertisements in the Northern Territory.

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The Northern Territory is dynamic and progressive yet retains a friendly, fun-loving character. Many people come for a holiday and stay for a lifetime.

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Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme

Job sponsorship is one option for people moving to the Northern Territory for work. Employers can sponsor workers under one of several visas.

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Occupations in demand

There are 1000s and 1000s of job vacancies predicted for the Northern Territory in the coming years. This list highlights the sectors with the most opportunities.

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International education

The Northern Territory is a great choice for studying. With quality educational institutions and diverse training opportunities, there is something to help in every career path.

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Northern Territory nomination

If you have skills that are in demand in the Northern Territory, the government can nominate professionals and tradespeople for skilled occupations.

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Work and live in Australia's Northern Territory

In 2016 Work and Live in the NT seminars will be held in Auckland, Launceston, Wollongong and Adelaide. Find out more about the free seminars.

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Territory stories

Want the real story about life in the Northern Territory? Hear the stories of those that have made the move and are glad they did.

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Working holiday makers

The predicted high demand for workers in the Northern Territory brings opportunities of every kind especially for working holiday makers. There are many ways to find these opportunities.

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Territory Worker Database

Register your skills on the candidate portal that allows Northern Territory businesses to search for talent.