A woman sitting at a desk viewing a computer monitor with two men in the background viewing a documentNorthern Territory Government objectives

The Northern Territory Government nominates overseas investors and business people whose proposed investments / businesses demonstrate a benefit to the NT. It targets genuine, high calibre applicants who are willing to invest and do business in the NT.

The NT will review and change its nomination criteria from time to time to reflect its emerging economic / development needs.

Eligible categories for NT nomination

NT nomination is available on all categories of provisional and permanent Business Innovation and Investment visas including:

  • Business Innovation
  • Investor
  • Business Talent, and
  • Significant Investor visas.

The specific guidelines for Northern Territory nomination for the Significant Investor stream visa are covered in a separate page.

The Department of Trade, Business and Innovation (DTBI) is responsible for approving nomination applications on behalf of the NT.

As the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) allocates a limited number of Business Innovation and Investment nominations to the NT, there may be circumstances where applicants are eligible for NT nomination, but are unable to be nominated.

Nomination guidelines

The NT has broad guidelines for applicants wishing to be nominated for a provisional or permanent business visa. The guidelines are deliberately broad and allow for consideration of each application for NT nomination on a case by case basis.

All applicants are required to demonstrate they meet the NT nomination requirements as well as DIBP criteria.

Applicants for Business Innovation and Investment (Subclass 188) and Business Talent (Subclass 132) visas will be assessed on their ability to contribute economically to the NT.

Both benefit the NT from the proposed activities and the applicant’s ability to deliver on the proposed activity will be assessed.

While an assessment will be made on whether an applicant meets the DIBP points test, an applicant’s points score will not be used to rank or prioritise nomination applications.

Applicants will be assessed on whether:

The proposed investment activities benefit the NT and align with the economic / development goals and activities of the region

Investment activities benefiting the NT include:

  • transfer of new capital
  • generation of new employment
  • generation of Indigenous employment
  • expansion of trade in NT goods and / or services
  • development of export markets for NT products or replacement of imports
  • introduction of new skills, expertise, technologies or innovations
  • investment in remote areas
  • investment in a wide range of key areas such as healthcare, education, tourism, mining and primary industries and fisheries
  • have a significant flow on effect to other sectors of the economy.

Proposed investment / business activities that align with the NT Government’s three-hub economy strategy and the economic / development goals and activities of the region will be given favourable consideration. The NT Government’s three-hub economy is focused on:

  • Mining and energy
  • Tourism and international education
  • Primary industries and fisheries / food exports.

The applicant has the ability to deliver on the proposed activity and invest and / or do business in the NT

Applicants must have:

  • an understanding of the NT business and investment environments
  • genuine intentions to actively pursue business / investment activities in the NT, and
  • the financial capacity and business acumen to support their business / investment activities.

Applicants are able to demonstrate this by:

  • having an existing business in the NT
  • having an existing history of doing business with NT businesses
  • social links to the NT, including relatives and associates
  • being a regular visitor to the NT and / or have established a residence in the NT
  • having undertaken demonstrable research into the business and investment environment of the NT, or
  • having demonstrated an understanding of the legal and licensing framework for operating a business in the NT.

There is no known negative information regarding the nominee's business or investment activities

If there is any negative information known in relation to a nominee's business or investment activities the applicant may not be nominated.

Applying for permanent visas (Subclass 888 and 892)

Applicants seeking NT nomination for:

  • the State Nominated Business Owner (Subclass 892) visa, or
  • Business Innovation and Investment - Business Innovation stream (Subclass 888) visa

must demonstrate that their main business has been established and actively trading in the NT for at least two (2) years. Applicants will need to demonstrate evidence of sales / turnover.

The NT will require provisional business visa holders seeking nomination for the Subclass 892 or 888 visas to have implemented their original business or investment proposal. Where the original proposal has not been implemented the DTBI will assess the proposal that has been implemented against the NT’s nomination criteria. If the new proposal does not meet the provisional nomination criteria the NT will not support a permanent residency nomination.

Where there are residency requirements applicants will be expected to be able to demonstrate residence in the NT unless exceptional circumstances are able to be demonstrated.

Substantial economic benefit and exceptional economic benefit for Business Talent (Subclass 132) visa applicants and applicants aged over 55

Applicants seeking NT nomination for the Business Talent (Subclass 132) visa must demonstrate that they will make a substantial economic contribution to the NT.

Applicants for provisional visas who are aged 55 years and over and require an age exemption must demonstrate that their proposed business or investment activities will be of exceptional economic benefit to the NT.

It is the responsibility of an applicant to demonstrate that the business activity they are proposing will make a substantial economic contribution or is of exceptional economic benefit to the NT.

It is recommended that applicants who are required to demonstrate a substantial economic contribution or an exceptional economic benefit to the NT contact the DTBI to discuss their proposed business or investment activities.

Conditions of nomination

The following conditions of nomination apply:

  • The nominated investor must notify the DTBI of their contact details, residential and business addresses and any changes.
  • NT nomination is not transferable to any other Australian state or territory.