Workman in protective clothing grinding steelWhat does nomination by the Northern Territory Government mean?

If you have a skilled occupation that is in demand in the Northern Territory (NT) and would like to migrate, the NT Government may be interested in nominating you to support your visa application under one of the nominated General Skilled Migration (GSM) visa subclasses.

The NT's Migration Occupation List specifies occupations and numbers available to the NT for GSM nominated visas. The NT Migration Occupation List enables the NT to identify, target and sponsor skilled overseas nationals who have skills and experience that are in demand in the NT.

The NT Government can nominate skilled migrants who have:

Nomination by the NT Government is given on the basis that you are committed to living and working in your skilled occupation (or a closely related skilled occupation) in the NT. If you are nominated by the NT you are expected to seek employment, live and settle with your family for a minimum of two years in the NT when the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) grants your visa.


To migrate to the NT under a NT Government nomination you must be:

  • eligible to be granted the visa, for which you are seeking nomination, by DIBP
  • nominated by the NT Government
  • able to meet all other DIBP visa requirements including age, health and character requirements for permanent residence, if applicable (this includes you and any dependents who you include on your visa application).

The NT Government will consider your application if:

  • your skilled occupation is listed on the NT's Migration Occupation List, or
  • you have a skilled occupation that is on the DIBP Consolidated Sponsored Occupations List (CSOL) but not on the NT's Migration Occupation List where you are able to provide independent evidence of positive employment prospects in the NT either in your skilled occupation or a closely related skilled occupation, or
  • you have successfully completed your enrolled course - the eligible study period must be full time and no less than two years at any Charles Darwin University campus in the NT, or
  • you have a skilled occupation on the CSOL and you can demonstrate strong, well established family connections in the NT, or
  • you meet the NT residency and work requirements if you are living in Australia. For more information see important information for applicants already residing in Australia.

How do I apply for NT nomination?

All applications and submissions for NT nomination must be in English. Supporting documents that are in another language must be accompanied by a certified English translation.

Required documentation must be provided as an Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word DOC / DOCX attachments to the email only, no 'cloud' downloads:

  • A completed NT Government 190 and 489 Nomination application form:
  • A certified copy of your skills assessment for the occupation you have nominated provided by the relevant Australian Assessment Authority. For more information see Skills assessment and assessing authorities.
  • A copy of your current, detailed curriculum vitae / resume.
  • Evidence of recent previous employment in the occupation for which you have provided an assessment (Note: All applicants outside Australia are required to provide verifiable evidence of full time employment in their nominated occupation for no less than 12 months out of the last twenty-four (24) months or alternatively have Australian qualifications).
  • Certified copies of your qualifications and technical certificates and academic transcripts.
  • Certified copies of the identity page from your passport and for any dependent family members (if you are currently in Australia or have previously worked or studied in Australia you need to also include copies of your visa labels or email notifications).
  • Verifiable evidence of English proficiency, where this is required. At present the NT Government can only verify IELTS and Pearson results however applicants who are taking the Pearson English test are required to select NT at the time of registering to enable the NT Government to verify the results.
  • Evidence of your financial capacity / net assets to settle in the NT (any support networks you have in the NT will be taken into consideration). This is not applicable to NT residents and Charles Darwin University students.
    Family composition​ ​Minimum value of net assets
    Individual applicant​ AU$35 000​
    Applicant + spouse​ AU$50 000​
    Applicant + spouse + one (1) child​ AU$60 000​
    Applicant + spouse + two (2) children​ AU$65 000​
    Please provide a summary in Australian dollars for all financial assets together with evidence of those assets (for example, certified copies of bank statements, share certificates, property valuations, etc)​ ​
  • Evidence that you have undertaken detailed research into living and working in the NT that demonstrates you have a realistic knowledge of the environment you are planning on migrating to including climate, relocation costs, living expenses (for example, food, utilities, rent), and accommodation costs to settle in the NT. (This evidence should include a narrative explaining your reasons for wanting to migrate to the NT. Extracts from websites that are copied and pasted into your submission will not be accepted).
  • Copies of documents evidencing your employability in the NT with your particular qualifications and employment experience.
  • A statement documenting your commitment to the NT.

What are my commitments if I am nominated by the NT?

By accepting a nomination from the NT you are agreeing to:

  • live in the NT and work in your skilled occupation or a closely related skilled occupation in the NT for no less than two years from your visa grant or arrival, and
  • keep the Department of Business informed of the status of your visa application, when you arrive or when your visa is granted, and your current contact details for a two year period, and
  • participate in surveys conducted by the Department of Business to enable assessment of outcomes from nominated schemes for the NT.

If a nomination is granted a declaration will be issued to you to sign and return agreeing to the obligations which are set out for your nomination by the NT Government.

Department of Immigration and Border Protection

Please note: The NT Government does not approve or grant visas.

All Australian visas are granted by the Commonwealth Department of Immigration and Border Protection. Therefore, you should make yourself familiar with visa criteria and nomination requirements for the subclass of visa for which you wish to apply.

Detailed information can be accessed through the Department of Immigration and Border Protection website.

Lodgement of applications

Applications for NT Government nomination should be forwarded to:

Department of Business
Migration NT

Contact details

For further information please contact Migration NT.​


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